Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Current Status : Happiness

Life is simple, life is easy if we only know how to appreciate every little things in our lives. Last few weeks, I've been busy sorting out things regarding career, passion and being happy about what I want the most. Luckily, there is one special person who made me realized that I can still call myself whatever I want, whatever profession I'll choose and being able to stand up for it.

I know some people like me who are in their mid 20's still don't figure out what they really want in their lives and to tell you honestly, I am one of them. I am still trying to figure out what I really want and I am so happy that I finally realized something (not everything ha) about it.

Want to know what I did to realized what I really want in the future? I'll give you some tips on how to figure it out. 

First, make a list of all the things that you want regarding work, and passion. It is good to know what kind of work you enjoy the most because I believe that to be successful in your chosen career, you must be enjoying it.

 The next thing is imagine yourself five or ten years from now. If you think that you're a business person right after ten years, you must know how to start it today. 

Finally, take few steps for the thing that you can call happiness. Enjoy every single of your life and learn to live presently. Stop overanalyzing things and focus on what you think is good for you. It doesn't matter how slow you are, at least you're into it and moving surely for your goals.

Just those three, I'm not an expert but I just want to share it. Be happy always! 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Come Back!

Hello there my sweetest!! Yeah, it's me. I'm back. (Lol) It's been a while and I guess (if I'm right,) it's been three months since my last post (hehe, yeah I know). There were lots of things happened and I have to be away from blogging for a while. Yea, I know haha I have to be here again because I miss you all sooooooo much that I can't wait for so long to be back again.

So okay, let's recall some of these unforgettable memories when I'm away from blogging world. I was in a different city for my job and I have to leave in the middle of June to get back home and work for the Head Office of the company that I am working with that time. Then, I decided to leave again completely from that company because I have my own reasons. (I don't have to tell you the details but I'm okay and I have no regrets) Before I left that company, I have lots of friends and co-workers that I used to hang out with. Look at the photos below.

Me and Anna (as usual) food trip. Pasta!

I also went to Nuvali Sta. Rosa, Laguna for NOTHING (heheh) but fun, photo and yes, PIZZA! 

One word---------McDonalds. 

Beautiful ladies beside me. I miss them all but I did a decision of going away and expand my

I am also considering this opportunity to take a rest and relax from being part of the workforce team. I am not wasting my time (in fact, I am enjoying every minute of it) because sooner, I will be working again. I am just taking a short break and trying to figure out something better for my career.(and writing is part of that)

Looking forward for some more collaborations and working with brands soon! This is the beginning of my "come back" and will be sorting some things for you guys. Follow me on Instagram for daily pics of my life.



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