Missing in action

Hello everyone! Sorry for being MIA lately. I haven't posted the past few months because I've been into situations that I have to keep on my priority. I love blogging but there are times that I have to do something. I am planning to make an schedule here and hopefully, I can make it soon! 
How about an update post as my great come back? Haha I always say it! 

Dresslink Favorites

Hello everyone! I am so happy that my wish list from Dresslink has finally arrived! I like how fast their transaction is and I am very much honored to be a part of this collaboration.
One of the beautiful things that I got from them is this little cute coin purse. It looks more cute when I finally received it!

Work Smart, Live Happily!

June is time for school again, so happy first day of school for those students out there! Here we go, back to reality of life. Back then, I didn't take life seriously until I lost jobs and forced to stay at home getting crazy about job hunting almost everyday. I am always like that. I am always sad and don't know what to do especially when all of your friends are having their own lives, working hard to the fullest and to die for earning their way up to what they call success.

Star Mobile Play Club Review

Let's talk about phone. It's been two months since I've been using this Star Mobile Play Club Android phone and here's what I can say about it.

My Dresslink Wishlist

 Let's talk about having a wish list. Last May 11 was my birthday and I was really expecting to have a new clothes and a cute little cat coin purse. When I saw Dresslink, I know I'm in the good website to fulfill my birthday wishes.

Birthday Girl

Hello everyone! So today's another special day for me because it's my 25th birthday! Yes, I am twenty five and old. (haha) If you want to know what are my plans and other things in mind, continue reading.

Birth Month!

Hey my dearest readers! I miss you so much. I just took some months away from the blogging world because I did took a break and refreshments. If you want to know where I've been, you may check my Instagram account or my new blog and I have some wonderful photos for you to see.

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